Katherine Burger’s collage work is illustrative, folkloric, and whimsical. Animals of all sorts are featured, especially cats – not surprising, given that when she was ten years old Katherine wrote: “I want to be a cat artist when I grow up.” She finds inspiration in the bold shapes, mixed patterns and flat graphic qualities of poster art, classic children’s book illustrations, and Persian miniatures. She specializes in strong, colorful collages for children, as well as complex and ambiguous collages that appeal to adults. In addition to stand alone pieces, Katherine creates  illustrated stories, with her collages accompanied by verse or prose; see the Children's Books section for examples. Katherine sells her work privately, as well as to media companies such as Pomegranate Publishing; her collage "Cat Stalking Leaf" was featured as a Christmas card with Pomegranate.  She has created posters and pet portraits for various clients as well, and welcomes commissions. To get in touch with Katherine about her current or future artwork, please use the Contact page. 
Katherine Burger 
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